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ive been wary of updating this site because im afraid of the day it ever becomes popular, and then my email inbox is going to be bombarded with pictures of penises(not at all what this site is for) instead of being bombarded with penis size enhancement exercises/pills like it normally is.

this caused me to whiff on getting a picture of this old black dude the other night at some concert that was wearing white pants so tight i could see the outlines of his balls. it was horrid



shit, now im gonna have to go through two seasons of pete and pete until i find the episode where artie the strongest man in the world is  noticebly lumbered up in his red sweat pants without a lick of shame, considering that was the moment when we decided that if there wasnt already an in this world then there should be.

yeah, i do run on sentences and dont believe in propere punctuation. sue me